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When you join the Army Reserve, your training will be all about self-development.

We will help you learn team-building, decision making and leadership skills and you will have plenty of opportunities to earn qualifications of use in your civilian career. Units have a minimum annual training commitment which changed depending on which role or unit you choose.

Training normally takes place at the weekends and one evening a week.


You get paid for all the time you spend in the Army Reserve with your pay rising as you are promoted through the ranks.

There is also an annual tax-free bounty that you are entitled to if you complete your minimum annual training commitment that increases to £1,708 after five years of Army Reserve service. New entrants are also now eligible for extra incentive payments of up to £2,300.

Other benefits of joining the Army Reserve

  • Non contributory pension scheme
  • Paid leave
  • HM Forces Rail Card
  • Tax Free annual lump sum (as long as you meet the training requirements)
  • Paid travel (to and from work)
  • No notice period – you can leave at any time

For further information about joining the Army Reserve please go to: www.army.mod.uk/reserves

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