Music and Autism: Social & participant-led music-making with young people on the autistic spectrum

  • Venue TBC London United Kingdom

This experiential day questions how we can gently remove rigid structures that often surround music-making when working with young people on the autistic spectrum.  How do we find the right balance between structure and freedom?

The day will explore:

  • Understanding behaviours of young people with autism; learning to see the world from their perspective; looking at the sensory science behind how those with autism experience and interact
  • Practical exploration of a range of activities, tools and resources, covering ages 9-25; from the structure of songs, pieces, rhythms and melodies that promote social interaction through to free improvisations, creative composition and songwriting.
  • Considering how to move one rung higher on the Ladder of Participation and encourage greater participant-led music-making

As well as a deeper understanding of how to move towards greater social and participant-led music-making, you will leave with a range of activities and resources for your toolkit.

This course is for teachers and practitioners already working with young people on the autistic spectrum, anyone keen to do so or those who are simply intrigued by this field of work! 

Please bring an instrument or your singing voice.

Course leader: Tina Pinder

Course fee: £85 including lunch and light refreshments

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