International Music and Cultural Studies Conference 2016

  • Nippon Meeting Halls Istanbul Turkey

About the event

MUSICULT ‘16 Conference aims to trace the tracks of the dialectic correlation between music and culture. Artistic crops of this correlation from the very ancient roots of the communication with sound to the contemporary state are among the field of interest of the conference. 

During the conference and within the context of culture and identity, well-known periods and moments of the history of music in the all possible meanings, forms and genres will be brought to the agenda and new areas of interest, that will be revealed by this perspective, will be explored on the basis of the main focus point as “Local versus Universal”. 

Culture in general and its effects on music, composition and important turning points in the history of music has always been one of the major discussions of the music studies. Art institutions, economic status of the composer, the question of audience, financial support for music and censorship are some of the main subtopics of this correlation.

The question and discussions on being local or/and universal seems to be able to become a key guiding on the sophisticated and multifaceted wildwood of music as part of culture.

Final submission date for participants is February 5, 2016.

For more information about the conference including booking, visit Musicult 2016.

We welcome all the participants across the globe to attend the MUSICULT '16 Conference.