A course in Tuscany: LMFL 2016 Summer Course – Conservatorio Luigi Cherubini, Florence

  • Conservatory Luigi Cherubini Piazza delle Belle Arti Firenze, Toscana, 50122 Italy

About the course

Language and Music for Life (LMFL) runs a programme of intensive music and language courses to help gifted young people to develop their talents. World-class teachers and a supportive environment combine to provide a life-changing experience.

Villa Favard di Rovezzano, Conservatorio Luigi Cherubini

Villa Favard di Rovezzano, Conservatorio Luigi Cherubini

LMFL's 2016 Summer Course – Conservatory Luigi Cherubini is a specialised course by world-renowned faculty for Advanced level students (17+ years old) or professionals.

The courses features:

  • Instrumental & Voice Tuition
  • Opera Workshop
  • Conducting & Composition


The Firenze Course is an adult course and we expect most of our participants to find and book their own lodging. Please note that it is advisable to book accommodation in Firenze well in advance.

However, we know that our younger adults coming from far and wide may find it difficult to identify the right place and the right price and may wish to be in the same place.

For suggestions, please go to the Firenze Course web page here and click on 'Accommodation'.


Named after the composer, Luigi Cherubini, the Conservatorio Statale di Musica Luigi Cherubini is located in Piazza delle Belle Arti in Florence.

The course will be hosted at the Villa Favard di Rovezzano which is the oldest part of the Conservatorio site in the middle of a magical botanical park with roses and cedar trees.


Fees and booking

To book your place, please click here for an application form.

Information about fees is provided on each application form.