Royal School of Church Music (RSCM) International Summer School

  • Liverpool Cathedral St James’ Mount Liverpool L1 7AZ United Kingdom

About the Summer School

One of the best ways to learn is by trying things out in practice. The Royal School of Church Music (RSCM) 2016 International Summer School takes its cue from the Reformation and will explore a wide range of worship with music devolving from Reformation practice and thinking.

Liverpool, with Roman Catholic and Anglican Cathedrals, Free Churches and other venues, is particularly apposite as a location. As Hope Street runs between the two iconic cathedral buildings so, we pray, does the goodwill and wish for unity, not uniformity, run through the 'study, practice and improvement of music for Christian worship' to which the RSCM is called by its foundation documents.

The Summer School will be interactive and busy: in the mornings, you can elect to follow one of two streams of study. The rest of the day is freely available for choice and there will be a raft of skills-based training available alongside lectures, seminars and concerts.

Highlights will include a broadcast on Radio Three; the Millennium Youth Choir joins the Summer School for this as choir-in-residence in the early part of the week.

More information

  • The Summer School is an ideal way to refresh the thinking, courage and persistence needed by church musicians working in isolation.
  • You can book a range of options from day-student to full board with en-suite rooms for privacy and comfort only a short walk from the training venues.


  • MYC director and choral expert, Adrian Lucas
  • Graham Kendrick, often called the 'father of the worship-song movement'
  • Martin Ashley, specialist vocal coach on boys' changing voices
  • Trio 'In Voice and Verse' presenting a full-length concert/reading in their trademark format
  • RSCM staff tutors will offer relevant and sympathetic help at all levels of proficiency


  • Liverpool Cathedral, St James' Mount, Liverpool L1 7AZ
  • Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, Cathedral House, Mount Pleasant, Liverpool L3 5TQ

Linked by Hope Street, Liverpool's two cathedrals are masterpieces of twentieth century architecture. Sir Giles Gilbert Scott's monumental Anglican Cathedral is the UK's largest and is easily visible on the skyline from much of the city. With an equally striking silhouette, the Metropolitan Cathedral to the north was completed in 1967. Both of these places of worship will provide us with a diverse choice of spaces for learning, music-making and services throughout the week.