Music hubs (or 'music education hubs') were established but the government in England in 2012 in response to the National Plan for Music Education (2011). There are 123 hubs.

Each hub has a lead organisation. Often, this organisation is the Local Authority music service.

Music hubs

The music hub is the amorphous group of partners within a Local Authority area.

  • These partners can be individuals, organisations, schools, commercial entities
  • Partners can be children, young people and adults. All schools are, by default, partners; they are no longer considered a 'customer' but part of the solution
  • Partners may well also be providers

Hub lead organisations

The hub lead organisation

  • has a strategic overview
  • is the recipient of the government funding
  • shows strong leadership
  • makes decisions about the governance of the hub and
  • manages who should be delivering what

Music services

The music service is one of the deliverers.

In many cases, this is the same organisation as the hub lead organisation but in order to move things forward, there should be a clear distinction between the hub leadership, being open to all partners, and the management of the music service and its delivery contract.

Communication is key as is an understanding about roles and responsibilities. A coherent mindset across the hub seems to ensure progress as much as the funding does which can only oil the works if the works have been set up correctly.