Academic knowledge


Dan is the lead guitarist in his band, As Loud As You Can. They have been together for three years; all five of them are 16. They started playing together at school through a full class orchestra programme.

The violin, viola or cello just wasn't for them, although Scott (their bass guitarist) was so glad to have got the mini-bass (and still enjoys sneaking off once a week to play in the Hub Symphony Orchestra).

They all learnt valuable skills that year and although the instruments were wrong they knew they loved playing and performing music together.

Seeing their potential, their Primary teacher gave them information about activities provided by their local Hub. They were excited to find rock and pop lessons on Tuesday evenings, giving them the chance to develop and put together the skills they needed to form their band.

As well as learning the necessary techniques and developing exceptional aural skills, they had the chance to develop a good academic knowledge through the formal music curriculum in school. As Loud As You Can enjoy performing and do as many gigs as they can but have enjoyed recording the most. Dan has a real interest in recording engineering and is looking forward to pursuing a career in the music industry, following a couple of weeks' work experience in a local professional recording studio. He is going to make sure he continues to play guitar as well as keeping As Loud As You Can performing and recording together.