Funding a passion


'The bassoon looked so cool, I can’t explain it but I just wanted to get my hands on it and play it, and make that amazing low rumbling sound!'.

Jake is 13 years old and has been playing the Bassoon since he was 8, taking his lessons on a Wednesday night at the local Music Centre.

His school has lots of musical activities which he enjoys taking part in; he loves the school choir and also the after-school improvisers' ensemble run by the local professional jazz trio. Jake is showing exceptional talent, and on such a rare instrument, so his teacher wants him to apply to attend the local Conservatoire Junior School - but his parents don't have the financial means to send him or buy him the new instrument he really needs.

His teacher encourages him to apply and, following a first-class audition, he is awarded a scholarship from the Junior School, supported through the Music and Dance Scheme. With the help of his teachers, Jake then applies for funding for a new instrument which he gets from Arts Council England's Take it Away scheme.

As well as travelling to the Conservatoire Junior School, he still plays with his school and the local Hub ensembles bring his experiences and new-found skills back to his local area.