'Highly valued' Bromley Youth Music Trust wins funding reprieve from council

Following a high profile campaign by supporters of Bromley Youth Music Trust against proposed funding cuts, Bromley Council has agreed to make £153,000 available to the Trust in 2015/16. The Council will also maintain support, at least until September 2017, through the provision of rent–free premises.

The Council and Trust have agreed to work together to identify and secure possible other sources of funding by 2017.

The announcement came at a meeting of Council on Monday 23 February. The meeting followed a suggested budget presented to the Executive on 11 February that outlined, among other savings, a withdrawal of funding to the Trust.

Council Leader, Stephen Carr said:

'Bromley Council acknowledges that BYMT has a musical track record perhaps second to none across the UK, but in the light of the financial challenges faced by Bromley Council over the last few years and significantly into the future, we have to consider all non-statutory spending.

'I know that BYMT is highly valued in the borough and the Council wants to continue to support the work of Trust, but in the current financial climate it no longer seems appropriate to do so through the Council’s revenue budget. We will, however, continue to work with BYMT to help identify and secure alternative income from other sources such as the Arts Council, schools and potential commercial sponsors. We are confident that this joint solution will help BYMT remain a jewel in Bromley’s crown well into the future.'

Ian Rowe from BYMT said:

'Bromley Youth Music Trust fully acknowledges the position the Council finds itself in. During recent discussions, which culminated yesterday, we have together found a joint way forward. We are pleased the Council has agreed funding of £153,000 for 2015/16 and support through our premises. This gives us time to work together to seek alternative ways to boost our income so we can continue to enhance the musical talent of young people in the borough.'