Music students in Thailand and Nepal make milestone classroom connection

Two Asian music programmes have made a milestone connection via Skype.

Students from Thailand's Khlong Toey Music Program

Students from Thailand's Khlong Toey Music Program

The Khlong Toey Music Program in Thailand and the Musica Music Institute in Nepal came together recently with the help of the Playing for Change Foundation (PFCF) to share their love of music via a large-screen, real-time internet connection. 

According to William Aura, Director of PFCF Asian Music Programmes:

‘The immediate impact of this first connection was profound. Not only for meeting each other face to face, note for note, heart to heart but for the future prospects this amazing opportunity offers – the potential in curriculum enhancement as well as locale-based fundraising within each host country are just a few.

‘These challenging locations can be quite difficult to connect. A very special thanks to Khlong Toey's Gigi, Aom Amm and crew for getting all the technical aspects together in Thailand to pull this off and, of course, to top-flight Nepali Administrator, Ishor Bajrachayra, for technically making it all come to life in Nepal. We are deeply grateful that after all these years of dreaming of this moment, a new seed has indeed been planted.

‘What does this all mean? We are just beginning to consider the amazing opportunities for learning and encouragement that can and will come from a sustained expansive effort of this sort. After the virtual hugs were made, newly inspired programme team members immediately began to discuss future potentials – teacher cultural exchanges, collective performances and, of course, developing our programme to ultimately offer any and all supporters to join in on these vital connections.’

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