Connect: Resound research report published

The Youth Music Development charity NYMAZ has published a report on its Connect: Resound research and development project.

NYMAZ brought together music education practitioners from the North Yorkshire music hub, researchers from the University of Hull and technologists from UCan Play to investigate how digital technologies could deliver music education and enrichment activities in rural areas. Seven primary schools were recruited to take part in the pilot.

71 pupils participated in twice-weekly online instrumental lessons over a period of seven weeks, with 196 hours of tuition delivered in total.

According to NYMAZ:

  • Pupil engagement in and enjoyment of online instrumental tuition were high whilst teachers were willing and able to adapt their approach to suit the digital medium.
  • The music hub and the participating schools reported that the online approach was a welcome addition to music learning.
  • The flexibility of having multiple camera angles increased the depth of experience and was particularly beneficial for group lessons.
  • As the project progressed, both pupils and teachers became more confident in positioning the cameras and switching between views.
  • In terms of access the results were stark: 79.5% of parents/carers would not have sought out instrumental lessons for their children if this opportunity had not been available.

The project was funded by NESTA's Digital R & D Fund for the Arts.

Connect: Resound is an action research project exploring how digital technologies can be used to deliver music education and enrichment activities to children living in rurally isolated areas. Schools and music organisations across North Yorkshire have taken part in this exciting project, which was led by NYMAZ along with its partners the North Yorkshire Music Hub, UCan Play and the University of Hull.