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Why join?

Joining an Army Reserve band gives you the chance to play music professionally, meet new friends, improve your musical skills and gain civilian and military qualifications - without giving up your day job.

The minimum yearly commitment is just 19 days which includes weekend training, up to a week's annual camp and training on Thursday evenings.

The Army Reserve acknowledges the personal and professional obligations of civilian life, giving flexibility to individuals to enable you to commit according to your needs.


To be considered, you must be able to play a brass, woodwind or percussion instrument to ABRSM or Trinity College Grade Six level. However, formal musical qualifications are not a prerequisite, just the ability to perform at that standard during an informal audition.

You also need to meet the standard Army Reserve age (18) and nationality requirements.

What the role involves

Most of your time will be spent improving your musical skills rehearsing in the concert band and ensembles. We undertake many engagements ranging from regimental dinner nights to marching displays, concerts and ensemble work.

The band's many ensembles include brass quintet, saxophone quartet, woodwind group and jazz combo.

Opportunities for travel are extensive as, in past years, the band has completed Summer camps in Gibraltar, Germany, Cyprus and all over the UK. More recently, band members have travelled to the Falkland Islands to provide musical support. There is also the possibility of worldwide travel as attached personnel with Regular Army bands.


There are huge pay incentives for all entrants at present and pay is attendance-based with travel included and a bounty payment at the end of the training year as long as minimum criteria have been met.

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